MajorPoint and Click Update! Patch Note 2.0 PC [14/06/2017] MAC [19/6/2017]

Greetings all. We are continuing to take your feedback into account while working hard to give you the best possible gaming experience. With this in mind, we're getting back to you today with a highly-anticipated patch that adds a Point and Click mode, so you cango through the entire game using only your mouse. A lot of you have been asking for this; now it's here.  We also added a few gameplay improvements and some minor bug corrections.


Addition of a Point and Click - "mouse only" - mode:

-now the player can click on the spot he or she wants to move to
-all interactions can now be 100% completed using the mouse

-We've corrected a visual bug where the interface wasn't displaying the right keys for using or interacting with objects. The keys arenow correctly displayed.

-The cursor has been revamped to make it easier to see in all circumstances (including on white backgrounds).
- We've added a visual indication in the form of a rotation icon during the knife tutorial on 3D object manipulation.

-We've corrected a bug that occurred when the player finished the game: the music would stop during the credits and on returning to themain menu. The music now plays properly.
- We've corrected a bugin the German version of the game: in some cases, dialog was cut partway through. All of the dialog is now played to the end.

-We've corrected some of the text in the German and Spanish versions to make the translation more accurate.
- Correction of a bugthat stopped some sub-titles from being displayed

-Improved framerate in the following level: Hospital
-Improvedframerate in the following level: Bridge Over the River Balatom