[04/05/2017] Patch Note 1.2

  • Text in Russian, Polish, Czech, Korean, traditional Chinese, and simplified Chinese is easier to read;
  • Updated localization of text in Russian Corrected a display bug when inspecting the flare in the inventory;
  • Remarks made while waiting are now sequential and no longer random;
  • It takes longer for characters to start making remarks while waiting;
  • Corrected a problem displaying non-interactive dialog sub-titles;
  • Hospital: Animations added for some characters that you meet on the patio (static NPCs);
  • Krystal: Corrected a display bug that occurred during the attack by the monster.
  • Theme park:
                 - Corrected a bug in the ‘Oscar’s Heart’ puzzle.
                 - Added a rubble effect when the Youkols are clearing things away.
                 - Corrected a display bug with one of the camera shots during the roller-coaster scene.
  • Baranour History Center:
                 - Corrected some of the cameras at the station.
                 - Corrected the lighting during the cut-scenes.
  • Balatom Bridge: Corrected the animation of the shaman’s beard in one of the cut-scenes.

    Size: 680MB