We provide you with Savegames of some steps of the game:

The Savegames are stored in the following folder :
C: \ Users \ * Windows profile * \ AppData \ LocalLow \ Microids \ Syberia3

<!> Important : Make a copy of your current savegames, the name of the file should start with : 1 - UI_Loader ....

Copy the savegames provided in this folder.
Use the LOAD menu from the main game menu.

However, we must inform you of certain important points :

-The folder where your Savegames are stored is a hidden folder of Windows, you will not see it if the parameter of hidden files and folders is not activated on your PC, we invite you to consult Windows helpdesks / manuals.
-The Savegames will not activate the Trophies, it will be necessary to load a previous savegame when you have solved your problem to go back the steps concerned and have your Trophies.
-We can not be held responsible for a possible problem caused by a mishandling of your part.

Other backups will soon be added.