We send teams all the comments and graphic problems reported by the players, and we do our best to provide updates quickly in order to offer you the best gaming experience.

However, we note that many problems are not related to the game itself but to the configurations used, here are some important points to check :

- Intel graphics cards are normally not compatible with the minimum game requirements, but they work in most cases, keep in mind that you probably can not play under optimum conditions.
- The drivers for the graphics cards must be updated (see FAQ links), this is very important and solves most of the problems encountered, especially with Intel cards.
- Attach your Dxdiag systematically to your requests for support.
- Attach screenshots of the problem.
- In the event of a persistent problem, lower the quality of the game, test the windowed mode and other resolutions, this can sometimes make it possible to pass a step.

Thank you for your understanding.