Patch Note 1.1 [27/04/2017]

Hi Everyone, here is the details of the new update for Syberia 3

  • Corrected crash when the game launched
  • Improved performance
    - On some machines only, the game was a bit jerky throughout. We corrected this problem.
    - For players who are still having issues with the smoothness, please contact our support  team.
  • Added C++ Redistributable 2010 & 2012 installation
  • Improved how achievements are unlocked
             - O spirits, are you there?
             - The scriptwriter's nightmare
  • Improved voice/sub-title synchronization during certain cut-scenes (all languages)
  • Corrected a problem with the hospital lobby camera, which occasionally locked
  • Added a phrase by Kurk during the attack by the monster on the Krystal.
  • Corrected various display bugs on the Krystal (clipping, etc.)
  • Corrected various bugs in the theme park. Sometimes the stairs were a bit of a problem
  • Improved and corrected atmosphere and lighting
  • Corrected a bug where the music stopped when you went back to the main menu
  • Improved and corrected text in Polish, Korean, and Czech
  • Extended game compatibility with PC controllers (dual sticks)

Patch size: 1.3 GB download