Hello Syberia community, 

First of all thank you for your support and feedbacks ; both negative and positive. 

We are really happy to see that Syberia community is so strong. 

We really hope that new and ancient players will enjoy this new sequel and we would like to strengthen and improve our communication with the community. 

There is a lot of message and we are reading all of them and take all into account in order to provide you with updates.

We are currently working hard to deliver a patch as soon as possible that will help you to improve your game experience. 

Here is the list of the known issues we are working on.

  • Controls: we are improving control on keyboard/mouse and compatibility with most gamepad controllers.
  • Russian and Chinese Fonts are too small
  • Voice over and sound issues:
  • Save game issue: some of you have issue loading previous save. Currently the only known tip is to start a new game and load the previous save.
  • Material compatibility.
  • Mac optimization 

Thank you for your patience.